Winterhaven Abbey

The Story Thus Far

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Plagued by repeated attacks against outlying farmsteads and merchant caravans traveling up the Coastal Trade Route, Lord Aldon has set a bounty for any who could bring these marauders to justice. The Merchant’s Guild, represented by Tansul, has also asked that an attempt be made to salvage whatever may be left of the last caravan shipment that was pillaged. My companions and I journeyed out and from the wreckage of the burnt merchant wagons tracked those responsible back to their lair. Within we found several groups of kobolds led by some sort of priest to Tiamat. After wreaking bloody vengeance upon the scum, we stumbled into a large ice filled cavern. There within that grotto we fought and slew the dragon Sarthaxx. Even in death his arrogance knew no bounds and he swore that while he might die, our victory would be short lived, for his father would seek vengeance against us.

Triumphant, we returned back to the city as heroes, the foul head of the vanquished beast held aloft for all to see, proof that we had put an end to his villany. The cheering of the crowds could to little to erase those echoing words of vengeance from our minds however.

- Terenor Do'vhonn
The Story Thus Far

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